Wednesday, February 6, 2008


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East Sixth Street, Austin. A new club slated for the 200 block. The historical district requires adherence to a "period" look. I guess it all depends on which period you mean... I remember the signs on sixth street back in the early 60's. Many were hand painted, and full of bullet holes, just like the store and tavern windows. Most of East Sixth street wasn't all that romantic, or historically exciting, just really rough. So rough, my mom would make us roll the windows up in the car, and she'd run the red lights.

I've designed an open-face channel letter v-sign with exposed neon, and sequenced incandescent chaser lights at the bottom of the cabinets; Marqueed cabinets with ZipaTrack lettering, white plex backlit panels, and tubular aluminum accents finished gold. Gold mirrored Chemetal laminated soffits around lamps; Open face "spade" with clear red 15mm neon;

There's an existing blade sign that may also be refitted. We'll see. Aces has the dubious honor of a tree-covered storefront. One of the few on sixth. Sign vs. Trees... Sign usually loses...

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