Tuesday, February 26, 2008

after the smoke clears

Pardon my sloth, but this site is going to be thrown together like a drunk making a sandwich at 4 a.m. Please bear with the noise.

This is a fledgling effort at a web/blog-presence for me. Posting and editing and all that fun stuff...It's my chance to find out if I hate it, or if I REALLY REALLY hate it...I'll know fairly quickly.

My daughter is an award-winning blogger in the real estate world, and I've embarassed her a few times on her own site via comments. Now she has to worry about watching what I may be posting, here..

My beautiful wife, Trish, will also need to monitor the site, so I'm not wasting my time posting a bunch of gooey crap for no good reason...Make me proud, honey. ILYM

1 comment:

Lani Anglin-Rosales said...

Oh boy, here we go... I fear for the safety of the blogiverse if you're not wearing your leash! :)

Just teasing. Blogging is great- you'll lubs it! I'll make sure to send real estate people over to ooh and ahh it :)