Monday, August 30, 2010

Mensa gathering at the Texas State Fair?

Eat a big fat plate of nachos and watch your phone charging. All part of the festivities at the big fat state fair in big fat Dallas. I designed these stations for people who talk too much, and/or don't think to charge their nokia before a 12-hour waddle through the land of frying fat, twirling rides, and colorful vomit.

I reviewed a lot of these stations from China to Burger King, and except for the coin-operated chargers that lock, there is no security other than to stare at your phone. I suggest a hinged plex cover to make it more difficult to grab a phone, and we may end up blacking-out the plex, totally hiding the phone. My feelings are that if you leave your expensive phone and walk off to look at the goats and chickens, someone SHOULD take your phone and drop it in the nearest toilet. [there's gonna' be a real clutch of winners around these tables.

There's an animation of the complete setup and signage on it's way later tonite. Gotta burn avi's for Blogger. They can't process .mov files (from my mac). It's a sloooooooow burn...

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